A New Home

Since winter has officially hit Minnesota and the next six months of my life will be spent inside, I decided to make a change. Up until now I was trying to keep up with three different websites - a portfolio, a blog, and a shared blog with my roommate. On top of that I was trying to start an etsy side project. In the end, "keep up with" turned into straight up neglect. 

I've been neglecting all of it. So, in an attempt to get back on top of things, I've decided to consolidate. This website will now house my professional portfolio, my personal blog, and any other projects I'm working on. My old personal blog was completely devoted to free writing. I'll be keeping it where it is for now, but over the next few weeks, I'll be reposting some of my favorite pieces here. 

In addition, because I intend for this website blog to be a personal one and not just a writing one, it will also house other things I'm doing/creating/worrying about. You'll see what I'm cooking, baking, thrift shopping, doing with friends, and reading, so all of that will be captured here too. 

It will all be filterable by category, too, so if you don't care to read about all the fun things my friends and I are doing, and would rather just read what I have to write, you can.

I'm excited. Hope you are too!