A Lazy Tree Skirt That Doesn't Look Horrible

Tree skirts, the ones you buy at the store, are not worth the money. Most that I find are too over the top and don't fit in with my faux-artsy-hipster-chic lifestyle. In the past I'd just grab a spare piece of fabric I had and wrap it around the stand. This year however, I didn't have any fabric I liked lying around. My solution? Let's give this tree a flannel diaper. 




Since moving to Minnesota my flannel shirt collection has grown tenfold, needless to say, I had one to spare. If you don't, head to your nearest thrift store and pick one up. A men's L or XL is probably best. 

The steps to making this flannel tree skirt are simple and straightforward and just take a little messing around at the end to make it how you want it. 

1. Unbutton the flannel shirt and wrap it around the tree stand as if you're dressing the stand up to be your date to your company Christmas party. 

I started by putting the collar in the stand first and then wrapped the rest of the shirt around the rest of the stand. I then buttons the shirt a bit to keep it in place. 

Once buttoned, arrange the shirt so that it drapes the way you want it and covers the stand. Next, wrap the arms around the stand and tuck the cuffs of the shirt in at the top to hide the fact that this is a shirt around the bottom of your tree. Fuss with it until you like it, step back, and congratulate yourself for being such a Christmas tree skirt genius.