Closet Makeover: Why It's Nice to Have Friends With Power Tools

I’ve always known my closet was crap. The people who built it clearly did not intend on using it that much because half of it was unreachable. The plywood shelves were two feet deep and started at eye-level. There was raggedy carpet in it and the garment rod was bent.

So last weekend I gutted it.


I gutted it and turned it into something I don’t just mind looking at but can actually use.

I moved the rod to the right side of the closet with shelving above it and put floor to ceiling shelves on the back wall. I scored at Home Depot when I went to get supplies and was able to get a lot of wood for free since it was in the scrap bin.


First screw into the project I was slowly beginning to realize I didn’t have the right tools. My Philips head did not want to work with the screws I had, so after a brief fit of angry tears, I texted a friend to come over with better tools and help. I left enough room at the bottom for a shoe rack and added a sheepskin rug for pumped up coziness. 

Before, I kept majority of my clothes underneath my bed or on a garment rack in my room. Now I have open space under the bed, and my garment rack is cleared of clutter.


The boxes are from IKEA, each one is $3.49 – which compared to container store prices is awesome, and they’re pretty durable.  Shoe rack and rug, also from IKEA.