Sunday Morning

Thank god for ACs and light-blocking curtains. Sunlight peeked around the edges of the curtain and eight-plus hours of sleep gave me an 8 a.m. wake-up call I didn’t mind. I got up and brought Mark an extra glass of water to help him from his Saturday night out. I threw on leggings, a t-shirt and sneakers and headed out to do modern hunting and gathering for breakfast.

I felt like I was walking in a town close to the beach, the air just humid enough, the sun, hazy. I stopped at a corner store that I thought for sure would have eggs and some extras. It didn’t. I tried to buy a newspaper but they only took cash. Note to self: remember to always have a couple bills in your wallet.

Plan B. I stopped in the café next door and ordered two breakfasts to go: pulled pork hash and vegetable curry hash. Mark said he wasn’t hungry, but I liked the sound of both, so let’s hope he was just kidding about being not hungry.

I hadn’t grocery shopped in about a week and I was kind of glad I didn’t. This morning walk felt just right in a perfectly mundane way.

I got back and made coffee, texted Mark (upstairs) that it was beautiful outside, and made a combo plate of pork and vegetables. Second note to self: more pulled pork and curried vegetables for breakfast.

I opened my computer, turned on a “wistful and delicate film scores” radio station and read a few articles, saving some for future reference. We had plans to go to a food truck fair during the day before going to Mark’s parents’ house for a belated Father’s Day dinner but setting cruise-control seemed more right, so that’s what we did.