Becoming a Morning Person

From someone who counts sleeping as a hobby. 

This is my New Year's Resolution post, three weeks in. I contemplated writing this when I first started my resolution but the last time I did something like this I didn't write on my blog for almost a year which was the exact opposite of said resolution.

Instead of making my resolution something like "Lose Weight!" "Stop Eating Shit!" or some other typical women's magazine cover headline, I chose to do something smaller (more on that in a minute) and more focused: to get down with getting up in the morning. 

My POV on mornings is a bit, um, muddy. While I love the idea of waking up early–getting shit done, owning the day, yada yada, (duh, Megan, who doesn't?) and I don't have problems waking up if something important is happening the next morning, I STRUGGLE with a.) waking up when my body is like, "Nah. This bed is the hottest club right now, where do you think you're going?" and b.) going to bed at 9pm the night before. 

Not to mention, I'm a better person when I get enough sleep. I'm happier, less cranky, more focused, and my skin looks alright. So in order for this whole *morning person* thing to work, I had to make sure I was still getting enough sleep. 

Even with all the internal struggles I had working against me, I did have some things working in my favor:

  1. Mark is a morning person. He comes from a family of morning people who all wake up at like 6am with lots of energy and zero complaints. #GOALS. When he's here it's not AS hard to get out of bed. 
  2. I started working the front desk at a fitness studio on Saturday mornings (PRIME SLEEPING IN TIME) meaning that I had one less day to worry about me breaking the routine. 
  3. This front desk job gave me an unlimited pass to all the classes and wouldn't you know they have 5:45AM (guhhhh) classes every single. damn. day. 

Guys. I'm three weeks in and I still don't have it figured out yet. I mean, the actual getting out of bed in the morning part (the hardest part IMO) has actually been pretty easy. I really like the morning workout classes and there's something nice about being able to be proud of yourself right off the bat each day. 


And right now, I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. The morning classes are kicking my butt. There are plenty of times when I'm sore or my body is just exhausted and I don't want to get up. Thankfully, this wedding thing that's happening in 7 months provides backup motivation for that.

And sometimes. SOMETIMES I come back from the workout class and take a nap for an hour.  This week, my goal is to not do that. (Update: so far, so good.)

I've also slightly increased my coffee intake–to get me through the day–and I think it's affecting my bedtime and sleep. So. Goal #2: Coffee stops at noon. Tea after. No caffeine after 4pm. (Update: meh.)

Becoming a morning person is hard. I'm not there yet. And it's even harder when I have other goals I'm working toward like a.) working out every day and b.) eating low-calorie to shed some holiday weight. I'm not SUPER PUMPED about my progress right now, but I'm not mad or sad either–which for me is a step in the right direction. I'm excited that I've been following through and even though my body is not all about it right now, hopefully it will be soon. 

Until then, don't hate me if I'm cranky.